Saturday, November 12, 2011


Below are a few funny things that Daniel has said to me this past week. I have to write these things down or I know I will never remember them. 

And this picture is from tonight. He wanted to stay up and read in his bed. He said that he was not tired and needed to do some 'studying'. I left and came back in his room about 5 minutes later to find him like this:

A few nights ago Daniel asked me to stay in his room and cuddle with him. After we cuddled a few minutes, I said it was time for him to go to bed and that I had to leave. He asked, "why do you not cuddle with me until the sun comes up mommy? You only cuddle with daddy until the sun comes up". I told him, "well daniel, mommies and daddies cuddle together at night. Someday you will have a mommy of your own to cuddle with (although I don't like to think about this!)". 
A distraught look came to his face and he said to me, "but mommy, that mommy will not sound like you and will not have your eyes. Her will be different". 
Oh little daniel! What a sweet heart! Can you stay 4 years old forever?

Last Monday, during FHE, I let Daniel decide (since James was asleep and Bryson was working) what he wanted to talk about that night. He said he wanted to learn about how Heavenly Father and Jesus made the world and write a letter to Santa. When we started our letter to Santa, he told me to write that he wanted an IPad like his cousin (it is his mom's, but she will sometimes let him use it). 
I looked at him in disbelief- he wanted what!?!! How could he be already asking for such expensive gifts (I mean, I don't have and iPad)
I told him that Santa could not bring that and that mommy and daddy were not going to get that for him because it just cost too much money. Our conversation was cut short when I had to go change Andrew's diaper. While I was doing this, Daniel came over and placed a penny on my lap. He goes, "this is for the IPad mom. This should be enough". I just started laughing!! 
Maybe our next FHE should be about money?


George Family said...

That's awesome. Smart kid. If he saves enough of those pennies he will get an IPAD eventually.

Amanda said...

Hilarious! Daniel is a crack up. Ethan always insists that there is enough money to buy the things he wants (which is pretty much the entire toy selection at Target). Since we tell him he has to pay for it with his own money he now always says that he's saving his money for practically every toy. Don't ask how much money he actually has in his piggy bank though :)

Ryan said...

haha daniel is sooooo funny! i cant wait for the next time i see him!