Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween! Well, it is almost Halloween.
Last week we had our ward's annual 'Trunk or Treat'. It was freezing cold and raining, so the kids did not get to trick or treat out of trunks, but around the church. They still had a great time! And I am really excited about tomorrow night- Halloween is the best. 

Daniel chose his Halloween costume this year. At first he wanted all of us to be the 3 bears. I would have been goldilocks. That would have been SO cute. But he saw a vampire somewhere and made his mind up that he HAD to be a vampire. Despite the fact that he looks a little too scary for a 4 year old, I think the costume looks great!

my chubby little dinosaur baby

this is the best picture I got of James' costume from that night! He may have been a donut coma since he parked himself right by the treat table most the night and ate at least 15 donut holes (and there may have been more eaten when we were not looking). Someone in our ward told us that he started taking one bite out of donuts and putting them back on the table! yuk!! 


Bryson came strait from work- so he was a doctor (how original) I was a witch, James a spider, Daniel a vampire, and Andrew the dinosaur. 

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George Family said...

Those boys just keep getting cuter. Give them all kisses and hugs for me.