Saturday, October 15, 2011

James is 2!

Today is Jamesie's 2nd birthday! What a wonderful 2 years it has been. He is such a little character. 

2 years for little James is:
 barely talking, very busy, very strong, and stubborn. giving lots of kisses, hugs, still loving to cuddle, reading books, and dancing to music. yelling 'no!', scared of strangers, adoring, watching, and copying older brother Daniel, and kissing little brother Andrew. slightly OCD- lining cars up perfectly, making sure all doors are shut, cleaning things up right away, and preferring all things structured. a picky eater consuming mostly pancakes, fruit, cheese, crackers, and ALL things sweet. loving cars, toy story, mickey mouse, blocks, and puzzles. terrible, wonderful, and adorable at the same time. 
we are so blessed to have you :)


George Family said...

And just ridiculously cute!!!

Anna said...

Happy birthday, cute James!! Congrats, Jen!