Sunday, October 30, 2011


A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet one of Bryson's Brazilian mission companions, Andre Sampaio. He came to upstate NY  for a business trip from Brazil, and we made a trip to Palmyra with him as he had never been to any of the church sites. 
The leaves had just started to turn, but it was still warm- which made for a perfect fall day to enjoy the sites.

view from top of Hill Cumorah

outside Joseph Smith's home

i am not sure why i am looking up in this photo? 

Andre and Bryson. They were companions in the Porto Alegre, Brazil mission 10 years ago and are still friends today. 

Sacred Grove


Laura said...

im so glad you posted these photos.....palmyra is so beautiful in the fall! kinda miss it!

George Family said...

You look amazing! Palmyra is gorgeous. It must be an incredible feeling to be in Sacred Grove.