Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Trip to Utah

Bryson's little sister, Lauren, got married in SLC this past month and we all flew out for the big event. And my mom & dad drove up from Las Vegas and my grandparents came all the way from Oregon to spend time with us while we were there. The weather in Park City was beautiful- cool and sunny. We tried to take advantage of the great scenery and weather by taking the boys to parks, on scenic drives, and walking in the mountains. We also went on the Alpine slide at Park City Resort (so much fun!) and my dad took Daniel on scooter rides around Main Street. When we were not out and about, we hung out in the cabin playing games, watching movies, and eating all the good food my mom makes. 
And then there was the wedding- it was gorgeous! It was definitely very hectic with the boys, all the change of clothes and driving around, but it was worth it. I am so glad we got to see so much family and be part of such a fun event.
my grandma johnson meeting andrew

me and my adorable sister in laws. they came up with their babies to the cabin to work on a skit that we performed at lauren's rehearsal dinner. all 4 of these babies were born into the richards family within 4 months!

my brother nick and andrew

my dad and grandpa taking daniel fishing in park city

andrew finally meeting uncle luke (my other brother)

at the slc temple for lauren and chris' sealing

crystal, me, & shannon

with two very special little boys - daniel and my nephew jordan

the beautiful bride and groom. Is this dress gorgeous or what!? Lauren was just stunning!

my sister-in-law elyse with baby cakes

daniel loved the temple grounds. he was, however, quite upset when he found out that he could no go inside the the temple :( 8 years buddy- when you are 12!

at the reception at la caille

the whole family- even andrew had a tux!

oh my! i just cannot get enough of these two in tuxedos!


james & jayne at the kiddie table

who knows what these two characters were up to

james was not thrilled with taking photos

and i had to capture (even though  this picture does not show him smiling) when andrew met his cousin savannah. he was so thrilled with her and could not stop staring at her beautiful face! too bad they are cousins!

my grandpa bigler

We loved our trip to Utah. Hopefully we will be back soon :)
 And congrats to Lauren and Chris- we love you guys!


Nate and Nicole said...

Hi Jen! I haven't commented in forever, but just wanted to tell you that your boys are ADORABLE! All three of them. I love their names, too :). So fun seeing what you guys are up to. Say hi to Bryson for us :).

Sheryl said...

Jen! I love your dress! I want it! And her dress is amazing! I want to say she was Bryson's sister that was in my ward like 2 summers ago. I can't believe she's married! I need to get it together! :) you look amazing. truly.

Haley said...

So fun! How is it possible that you just had a baby and look fantastic! I shouldn't be surprised. :) We'll have to catch up one of these days! Miss you!

The Mathews said...

Hi Jen! I haven't looked at your blog for a long time and it looks like you have had a lot going on!! What a beautiful wedding as well as a beautiful family! And, congratulations on little baby Andrew!

George Family said...

Jen! your family is so gorgeous. I can't get enough of the boys in their little tuxedos. I could just eat them! So precious. And that family photo is amazing. I hope you had so much fun at the wedding - your SILs dress was sooo gorgeous!

Anna said...

Hi Jen! Andrew is looking so much older, and he is so handsome! Just like his brothers. The baby tux is to die for. Looks like a fun trip :) PS You look stunning.

Amanda said...

I feel like a broken record, but it must be said that you look fantastic! Forget the bride ;). And tuxes on the boys?!?! Adorable. Glad you guys had a good trip to Utah.

Mindi said...

jen, i love your purple dress!! where did you find it?! You look amazing, as usual! Such an adorable family.