Sunday, November 6, 2011


This post is overdue, but Daniel & James started preschool this year. Well, I am not sure if you can call James' class 'school', more like 2 hours of playtime once a week (and a very quiet morning for me).
They both go to Precious Kids which is at a Methodist church near our home. It is the cutest school.  I had the opportunity to be a teacher's helper a few weeks ago, and I was very impressed by all that they are doing and learning in their classes so far.
Daniel with his teacher, Mrs. Hadzima

Jamesie getting ready for his first day (with cars in hand).

What is so funny to me is that I was so worried about James. For those of you who know him, he does not talk very much and can be very stubborn (but is very sweet!). I figured this would be a recipe for disaster, but every time I pick him up his teachers tell me how "wonderful" he is in class and how he listens so well. I smile and say "great" but in the back of my mind I am thinking "really?! James Richards? Ok!!?" James seems to love it, so I am really happy I signed him up this year.

Daniel is another funny story. He LOVES preschool. He LOVES Mrs. Hadzima. He also really has fun with all his little buddies in the class. And according to Mrs. Hadzima, a little too much fun. In our parent teacher conference (I did not know they even did these in preschool) the she told me he was a little too talkative and wiggly. He also seems to 'zone out' during the lesson. I am well aware that Daniel is wiggly, has a LOT of energy, and pretty much never stops talking. And both the teacher and myself realize that he is a 4 year old boy, so we are working on some goals for him to become a better 'listener' and less wiggly during his lessons.
When I told Bryson about my conversation with his teacher, he notified me that he was always in trouble in school for talking and was often sent out of primary as well. GREAT! And how did I not know this until now?
Luckily Bryson turned out alright :)

This is the adorable Thanksgiving necklace Daniel made for me at their 'Harvest Party' last week. He has insisted that I wear it everyday. This weekend I had a break since he has been out of town for his uncle's mission farewell with Bryson :)


Sean and Jeannette said...

oh my goodness, I totally forgot to tell you that when I was at preschool to help for the Harvest Party, Daniel INSISTED that his necklace was a present for you. It was so incredibly adorable! Who thinks like that?! He said, "Because my mommy really likes pretty necklaces." HAHA! And happy four months to the cutest baby!!

George Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new family photo!!! It's just perfect!!!

I'm glad the boys are doing great at school and James is enjoying it. I get the same review of Hunter at school - I cannot believe how great they think he is and I am like "Hunter is the sweetest kid you've ever met? MY Hunter?!"

Dayna said...

When we were in Maryland over the weekend, one night I asked Daniel "Daniel, do you miss your mommy?" He looks at me with furrowed brows and firmly says "No!" Then he quickly pauses, relaxes his eyebrows and shoulders and says "(sigh) Yes....." and then walks away. Cutest thing ever. He was trying to be all tough but just couldn't deny it.