Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last Saturday we made our annual trip out to Stokoe Farm (our favorite pumpkin farm here in upstate NY) to get pumpkins for Halloween. The weather was a bit chilly (in the 40's) but the boys did not seem to mind. 
Daniel picked out "the perfect pumpkin for crafting", as he said. And the following night we 'crafted' (not carved) our pumpkin together as a family.
I just love fall here in upstate NY! There is not better place to be this time of year. 

James was so mad that we tried to get him to take a picture. He just wanted to look at the baby calf behind us. 

Here comes James down the slide!

And here is an action shot of Daniel running towards James right before his knee made contact with his head. Poor James (who looks so happy in this shot) cried for quite a while after that!

Daniel LOVED this zip line

The boys kept giggling as they played with the pumpkins in our kitchen 

James loved this baby pumpkin and carried it around all night.

Looks GREAT guys!

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George Family said...

How adorable are these boys?! Daniel and James obviously have a great friendship.