Saturday, December 10, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas has founds its way to the Richards' home! Finally!
The boys could not be more thrilled about all the decorations, music, candy, and preparing for the 'big day'. What I have enjoyed most has been seeing how excited they are and being able to teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas. 
One of my favorites Christmas activities this year has been our new guest, Shelf the Elf. Yes, he is an Elf on the Shelf, but Daniel was set on calling him Shelf since that is where we first found our red little friend. Shelf has kept us (Bryson and I) on our toes this holiday season as Daniel expects him to fly to the North Pole every night to report to Santa, and naturally, he has to fly back to our home and land in a new spot each morning. We messed up one night and Daniel was very confused why he was in the same location the next morning. Another time he fell and Daniel found him face down on the ground and was just  distraught. I explained that he was just resting and distracted him with something in another room. I then quickly put him back on his perch in the kitchen. Despite a few 'incidents', it has really been a very magical thing for him.
And both Daniel and James love the advent calendar filled with candy. I have been surprised at their self control in only opening one box every day. We are all very excited for Christmas to come! 

The first day we met little shelf. What a cutie!

Making delicious sugar cookies

James was not as interested in making the cookies as he was eating them

Last year we went as a family to cut our tree down at a Christmas farm. This year Bryson has not had a single Saturday off to go do this, so we opted to just go get our's at Loews this year (at 9 at night!). It is a gorgeous tree and smells so wonderful in our house. 

Yesterday we woke up to this winter wonderland! Daniel was so excited to show James the new snow. I told them we could go play in it after breakfast, but when we were done eating, it had melted. I am not going to lie, I would not be sad one bit if the snow melted away every morning. 

One of Daniel's many silly poses. He is wearing his new Christmas sweater from his great grandma.

Soon the boys got sick of decorating the tree and moved onto their favorite pastime- wrestling.

 And this activity always ends the same way- with someone crying. This time is looks like it was Daniel who got hurt :( 

James has really taken an interest in our Little Tikes nativity set. I think I may see a few individuals here that most likely did not visit baby Jesus. Can you guess who?

And here is Shelf the Elf in his current location. He is such a cute little guy (but there is something a little creepy about that smile). As Daniel reminds all of us- be good because he is watching you!


Shannon said...

great pics! looks like you are totally in the christmas spirit! i love your little elf - we have the exact same one - brown hair, blue eyes and all. Jordan named ours, Elfie (such a creative little boy... haha). keep the posts comin'!! love you guys!

Ryan said...

I MISS DANNY, JAMES, AND ESPECIALLY ANDREW SO MUCH! when do i get to see them again?
-Ryan richards