Friday, January 20, 2012

Pre-Christmas Fun

I know that I am backtracking here, but we had such busy December (and who doesn't!?) that I never was able to post about our trip to the train display as well as Daniel's preschool Christmas program. 

Here are some of Daniel's buddies watching the display. The boys loved the trains and had a lot of fun just running around (because that is what 4 year old boys do- all day long).

James wondering why on Earth he can't just jump over the rail and play with the trains!

Daniel goofing off with Isaac Neal, Rowan, and Nolan

Daniel's preschool had the most wonderful Christmas program. They sang so many cute songs and had a birthday cake for Jesus at the end. Daniel is sporting the reindeer sweater my grandma gave him. He will probably kill me when he sees this picture later on in life, but I could not resist!

Here his teacher, Heidi Hadzima, is lighting the birthday cake. I don't think you can find a better preschool teacher than Heidi. She is amazing. And Daniel thinks so too. He asks me about once a week when she is going to come over for lunch and to play with him. He has also asked her when she is going to invite him over to her house.

Daniel with Gavin and Rowan

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