Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Three Bears

Many nights I look at the clock and it is only 6:00 PM- but I am exhausted! The kids and I eat dinner and then James usually begs for cookies. Some nights I don't have it in me to put up a fight, so he gets his way and then ends up looking like this:

With no hubby in sight to relieve me, I often pop the children into the tub. They can always use a good scrub and it doubles as a sort of play pen. Then, for the sake of a photo op, I pop little Andy into the tub. Bryson and I have decided that we pretty much put his life at risk every time we do this, but everyone seems to have fun!

And since the ratio is 1:3 (that is 1 human mother to 3 bear cubs) I cannot attend to these wild things all at the same time once they escape from the bath/crib. Therefore, some shenanigans often take place such as below:

 And then dad comes home- in the nick of time! He wrestles the bear cubs and then we put them to bed. And then I get up and do it all over again! 


Mike, Ashley, and Haven Bourne said...

Oh my goodness, the pictures of James in your heels are hilarious!!!! You have the most darling boys :-)

George Family said...

Adorable. Those boys are so loved. We'll keep an eye on James and his love of bright red shoes ;-) I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks.

Amanda said...

Seriously, one of the best posts ever! Those series of pictures of James in your heels are a crack up! And that face with the cookie goatee?!?! C'mon!!!