Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trip to Allentown

The boys and I made a very spontaneous trip to visit Shannon, Kevin and their boys in Allentown, PA this past week. Shannon was such a gracious host to let us all stay with them, and she made the trip a really fun-packed couple of days. 
We made a trip to Ikea in NJ. It ended up being an expensive little outing for me, but I love Ikea and could not pass up on a few cool items for our home. The best part of the trip was seeing Bryson's cousin Rachel and her two adorable little girls.

My bro-in-law Taylor made a surprise trip from D.C. to see all his nephews. We decided one of the days that I was there to make a day trip to NYC. It was sunny and around 60 degrees- a perfect day in the city!
Look at all these boys!! Taylor was such a good sport to join this crazy group.

Shannon with chunky monkey Nathan

At the most southern part of the park there is a very cool padded playground. We let the boys play there for most of the day since the weather was so beautiful.

Daniel was so excited when I told him that this is the city where he was born! Central Park is a very special place for me because I remember taking Daniel here often when we lived in NYC.

This is not a great photo, but it is the only one I got with Katie Groberg in it (even though her eyes are closed!). She is another one of Bryson's cousins, and I was so excited that she spent the day with us. She lived (and still does) in the city while we were there and I just love her and her cute kids.

Outside the Natural History Museum. We took the boys there and they LOVED the dinosaurs. 
I love how these two are such good buddies.

The kids ran all round the exhibit until we left to go eat at Patsy's Pizza (one of my favs). I also got to see some of our best friends Scott and Marylynn Thomas and their daughter Zoe. It was such a great day and an awesome weekend with the Taylor family! Can't wait to go back soon :)

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