Monday, January 16, 2012

A very Disney Christmas

This year we went on a Disney cruise with my family for Christmas. It was such a wonderful week and the first time we have all taken a trip together since Nick left for his mission. The boat was decked bow to aft (front to back :) with Christmas decorations, lights, and Disney characters wearing festive outfits. We enjoyed great food, shows at night, weather, and company. It was a Christmas none of us will ever forget!

My poor mom got really sick while we were on the boat, but she was still such a trooper and managed to join us for the day at Castaway Cay - Disney's private island. 

Many of my photos are not in order, but the day before we boarded the boat we went to Disneyworld. 

The afternoon we boarded the boat there was a big 'welcome party' on the deck. The kids had so much fun and we were so excited to finally be on the cruise!

Christmas morning we all woke up in our individual state rooms and opened up Santa gifts and stocking. We had a big breakfast together as a family and then the kids opened a few more gifts in my parent's room. 

My grandma bought ALL of us matching Disney pajamas with our names embroidered on them. They were quite a hit! I had people stopping us all day asking where we got them/

After we saw Santa, the kids got their faces painted.

One of the best parts of the cruise was getting dressed up at night and eating dinner as a family. 

so dapper!

I never seem to be able to get James to look at the camera, but this picture pretty much captures the essence of James' entire trip- running around barefoot, wet, smiling, with ice cream dripping down his entire body. 
Pure bliss.

Daniel was such a little fish. He especially liked this pool because they had a big screen TV where they played Disney movies. It does not get much better than that for Daniel. 

One of the nights they had a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme. Everything revolved around pirates- even the food. Later that night they had a big pirate dance party on the deck. 

My sweet little matey!

Daniel went to the kids club that night with his cousins Tommy and Lizzy and they made pirate pictures. He was so excited to show us his artwork.

I don't really want to admit this (haha!), but this guy is my bro-in-law. He will often sport a mullet at family events. But seriously - he had a sweet pirate costume!

me and my sisters :)

a very tired little pirate

This little baby boy loved the sun and all the love he got from his grandma, grandpa, and aunts and uncles. 

Key West

Every night our room attendant made these awesome towel creations on our bed. Too bad he never got any credit for them as Daniel insisted our 'Elf on the Shelf' made them each night!

We got to swim with dolphins at Cozumel- something I have wanted to do my whole life. 


George Family said...

Awesome photos! It looks like you had SO much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. It makes me even more excited for our Disney cruise in April!! Your family is So cute - all of them - and you are so blessed to get to travel together for that holiday. Love you Jen!

Sean and Jeannette said...

Jen! Amazing! I already trusted you on your word that this cruise was completely worth it, but the pictures really make it seem even more amazing! I'm so happy you guys got to do this!

Haley said...

Oh.My.Goodness Jen. This is my dream. We need to talk . . . Miss you tons.

Shannon said...

Thank you for finally updating! Ha! Looks like a phenomenal trip! I'm sure the kids will never forget it!

Lauren & Chris said...

Oh my gosh... James and Daniel are the same size! And Andrew is huge! I loved looking through these pictures. Jealous of your trip!

Dayna said...

So many thoughts running through my head while reading this so I will just bullet point (ha!)

- You are a BABE!!! Ok, so you've always been a babe... but Jen. You have three kids and you still look like a college hottie. Bryson should be worried to leave you during the day (jk.. sort of).
- Bryson, I will say, you are looking good too! How do you find time to hit the weights? Well done.
- Your kids are so incredibly cute it kills me. Danny is so big, James is so big, and Andrew is so big. They have grown so much it boggles my mind. I miss them all so much.
- The cruise looked amazing!! Makes me want to go on it again. I loved the Christmas PJs, Daniel's bow tie, and Pirate night. I loved the dancing pictures with your sisters.
- You are a hot mama. I know I'm repeating myself... but it's pretty much all I kept thinking while looking at these photos.


Laura said...

first of look amazing! mom of 3 little boys and a super busy hubby and you've got it all together!! the cruise looks like it was so much fun and a perfect christmas! we've been thinking about doing the disney cruise with our kids and i'm wondering how it worked out with the baby? dont disney cruises have a child center that you can check your kids into if you want if they are a little older? obviously it looks like you had a blast but let me know how it worked out with the kids!

Amanda said...

Your trip looks like it was amazing! Swimming with dolphins?!?! Get out of here! I so want to do that! And the entire family wearing matching PJs... amazing! And I love that picture of you busting a move on the dance floor. Reminds me of the moves I saw when you were pregnant with Andrew at the Cinco de Mayo party. Ha ha!