Monday, March 5, 2012

Out from Hibernation?

Yes- we are alive! It has been a busy winter. We have had bridal showers, weddings, a medical mission, trips to visit family, family visiting us, and unfortunately, some winter bugs. But I think the main reason that I am behind on my blog is that I left my camera (with all my photos) at my sister's house in LA and I am too scared to have it shipped by mail. Thankfully I have few photos on my phone that I can post (although they are not the best quality).

First off, my baby cakes Andrew is 8 months old today. I know I say this in EVERY post I write about him, but how is he growing up so fast?! He is such an awesome little guy. The little chub is my most easy going baby by far. He is rolling all round, scooting backwards, babbling, and, my favorite, saying 'mamma' as of 3 days ago. I was a little worried when he was not eating solid food at 7 months, but about 3 weeks ago he decided he was ready and now is crazy about the stuff. He pretty much likes everything we feed him and it shows on his 22 pound body! He is THE best. 
Here is a shot from lunch yesterday

And the highlight of this winter was my little sister Stephanie getting married!!!! It was the wedding of all weddings, and she could not have looked any more beautiful than she did. Her husband, Seth, is just adorable, and we had such a wonderful time with him and his family on this special event. 
As I said, I left my camera with all of my photos in LA, but you can see some of her photos on this blog: 
I will definitely post about this great day again!
Stephanie and Seth's engagement photo
Kate, Steph, & I at Stephanie's bachelorette party at Serendipity III in Las Vegas

The gorgeous bride

After the wedding we went to Los Angeles to spend some time with my sister Kate and her family. They showed us a great time, and I left LA wondering why we don't live in a place that is 80 degrees and sunny in February (and living next to my awesome sister Katy)? The boys were able to get some much needed vitamin D as they played in the sun and swam almost every day we were there. 
Daniel and his cute cousin Tommy

On one of our MANY flights, a pilot (the coolest pilot ever) let Daniel sit up front and push some of the buttons! No- we were not in the air when he did this!

While we were there, my dear husband went to Uganda on a medical service mission. He had an incredible trip and was able to perform close to 70 surgeries in less than 10 days. I need to get his photos from him to show you some of the amazing pictures he took of the children and adults that he was able to  operate on. Most of the people he helped had cleft palates, but others suffered with tumors, burns, and all sorts of other ailments. 

And then my sister-in-law came up to visit last week. It is always such a great time when we are with her and her two boys! We are so grateful she braved the trip driving alone with her kids (pregnant) to come see us. 

 Jordan and Daniel making pizza together

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Haley said...

Wow! You have been insanely busy. Love the pictures!! Hopefully spring has sprung now and you can be busy outside.