Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Months old

**warning- picture quality is pretty bad. I only have my iphone these days to take pics :(

Andrew (or our little 'gem' as I call him) is officially 10 months old today. This month has been a big one for this little guy. He has started loving all sorts of food and is turning into a great eater. He also started 'scooting' (pulling his body forward with his fore arms) all over the place. He learned this the weekend of April 21st when we were at his aunt Shannon's house in PA. What is funny about this is that Daniel learn to crawl when we were with Shannon as well. She must have quite an effect on my kids' ambition to move!
Andrew also is getting his 2 bottom teeth. They are taking forever to come in but are so cute! He has such a third child personality. He is most content on the floor, quietly exploring things and always seems to be happy! His smile is so contagious. His chubby cheeked grin lights up the room. We love you sweet boy!

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shesaserging said...

He is so cute! He reminds me a lot of Daniel, who was almost exactly that same age when I first met you guys. I still remember Brian and Daniel toddling around outside of Buckland Park lodge like it was yesterday!