Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preschool Graduation!

Daniel is officially done with preschool and is ready for kindergarten! Wahoo!
His school had a graduation ceremony today, and it was the CUTEST. I know it is kind of silly, but I was a little emotional. I am so excited for him to start kindergarten, but it was difficult to say goodbye to such a loving classroom with wonderful children and parents.
The ceremony was adorable. The kids sang their little hearts out. Afterwards we ate cake, and each child was presented with an incredible memory book made by the teachers. We are talking about a 50 page scrapbook from the whole year for each child. I don't know how his teachers were able to do that!
So goodbye preschool and hello to riding the bus, a big new school, and new adventures in kindergarten!
Andrew waiting for the party to begin!

I was so glad Bryson could squeeze this in between cases today. It was great to have him there.

The kids all turned their backs during one of the performances. 

And they all had cool shades on when they faced us! 

Daniel ran up to receive his 'diploma' (almost knocking down his teacher!)

Daniel and Heidi Hadzima


A baby was loving the frosting :)

Heidi presenting Daniel with books, the scrapbook, and candy!

James had 'pajama' day at his class today. 

This cool kid is ready for kindergarten!

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Dayna said...

FUN!!! I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten. That is crazy!! And Jayne is starting preschool?!?! Too weird. I can't wait to see the boys at Deep Creek, I am absolutely dying over their cuteness. Miss you guys a bunch.