Saturday, May 5, 2012

Show and Tell

Daniel was the student of the day at his preschool a few weeks ago. Part of the fun of having this title is you get to bring in a show and tell. After you 'show' off your prized possession, other students get to ask questions or make comments, and then you get to 'tell' them about it. I asked Daniel what he wanted to bring to class and he said Andrew! He also requested that they wear matching clothing :) It was too cute for words!
Some of the questions asked where:
"Why does he touch his toes?" (Because he likes them)
"What is its favorite foods?" (Um...him likes milk and cheerios)
"Can him talk or say funny things?" (No! He is a baby!)
"What tricks does he do?" (Lots of tricks like roll around (he then tried to show them how he rolls))
It was so much fun to watch Daniel show off his little brother with so much pride. What a funny morning!

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