Thursday, June 7, 2012

Soccer & Cheerleaders

This cute boy started soccer today. He was so excited to get his new uniform and meet his team. I wanted to share a funny conversation I had with him on the way to his first practice:

Me: Are you excited to meet your friends on your team and play soccer?

D: Yeah. Are we going to play a game tonight?

Me: No, I think it is just a practice.

D: Are there going to be cheerleaders there?

Me: Um, I don't think there will be any cheerleaders there (and wondering how he even knows what a cheerleader is). 

D: Good. I think if there were cheerleaders they would start going "Yeah! Go team!" and then we would all look at them instead of the ball and then we would never get any goals. I hope no cheerleaders ever come.

Me: (Amazed as to how much thought he has put into all this 'cheerleader' stuff!). Well, there will not be any cheerleaders there to distract you (laughing!). Just your mom. I will be cheering for you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

11 months

Andrew has almost hit the year mark and has had a lot of 'firsts' this month. The little chub actually started crawling (like a normal baby- not the commando crawl). He loves his new found freedom of moving on his own. His activity of choice is to explore the house and he feels the need to put every single morsel of anything into his mouth. This has kept me busy as I am constantly vacuuming, sweeping, and picking up after his older brothers so that he does not choke or ingest something just plain disgusting!
He is still so mellow and sweet. Yet he has started to enter the clingy phase and will break down in tears when I leave. He thinks his brothers are the BEST. He cannot get enough of them and is fascinated with everything that they do. We all love you little chubs!

 Please excuse the Christmas Mickey Mouse Pajamas in June :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


There is a new member of the Richards family as a few weeks ago- Minnie the Kitty. I had no intention of getting a cat, but she is officially ours. We found Minnie underneath our porch. She was out there for about 2 days and was cold, wet, and hungry. Seeing as she was only a few months old, I was worried about her. So I lured her out with a bowl of milk (my first mistake!), and after that she was our best friend. We made and posted signs, called the animal patrol, but no one claimed her. During our 'search' for her family, we all fell in love with her. Despite some serious manhandling from James, she has never hissed, scratched, or bitten any of the kids. Although I am not thrilled with having one more 'dependent' around here, she is a cute cat and the boys love her. So Minnie is here to stay (unless one of you want to claim her! :)

**no animals were harmed in the photography for this blog!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Going Private

Hi All,
I am not really sure who reads this blog (since I update it so randomly!) but we are going to go private. I have been looking at my stats (located on the left side of your 'design' page) and there have been a few strange Google searches that have led people to my blog. I find this to be disturbing and creepy!
If you want to keep checking out our photos and updates, please send me your e-mail address, and I will add you as a reader. 

I hope to stay in touch!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

D's 5th Birthday Party

Daniel turned 5 years old yesterday, and today we celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese's with a TON of his friends. I think I lost track of how many kids attended, but really, the more the merrier!
Daniel was smiling all day. I am so grateful so many of his friends were able to come, and that he enjoyed himself so much. Happy birthday Daniel! You are an awesome little boy. I am so very fortunate to be your mother. I love you!

Spiderman and Superman (pink for the girls) cupcakes

The big birthday boy! He came strait from his baseball game and was still wearing his Brighton baseball hat.

Two friends from his preschool, Kyle and Ellie

The gifts!

James sneaking cupcakes. I have no idea how many he actually ate.

Bryson soon became known as the 'token man' as he walked around passing out coins to all the kids. He was probably the most popular guy in the room!

THE Chuck E Cheese made an appearance for the party. 

All the kids followed him to do a mouse dance

He then had then sit while he thew tickets into the air for them to catch.

Look at the face- so excited!! What a great day.