Saturday, June 2, 2012

D's 5th Birthday Party

Daniel turned 5 years old yesterday, and today we celebrated his birthday at Chuck E Cheese's with a TON of his friends. I think I lost track of how many kids attended, but really, the more the merrier!
Daniel was smiling all day. I am so grateful so many of his friends were able to come, and that he enjoyed himself so much. Happy birthday Daniel! You are an awesome little boy. I am so very fortunate to be your mother. I love you!

Spiderman and Superman (pink for the girls) cupcakes

The big birthday boy! He came strait from his baseball game and was still wearing his Brighton baseball hat.

Two friends from his preschool, Kyle and Ellie

The gifts!

James sneaking cupcakes. I have no idea how many he actually ate.

Bryson soon became known as the 'token man' as he walked around passing out coins to all the kids. He was probably the most popular guy in the room!

THE Chuck E Cheese made an appearance for the party. 

All the kids followed him to do a mouse dance

He then had then sit while he thew tickets into the air for them to catch.

Look at the face- so excited!! What a great day. 

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel! He got some serious loot! Ethan loved the party and loves Daniel, so he for one was so glad he was able to come. And if you ever need tokens for Chuck E. Cheese's, don't forget my connection ;) I really did miss out on an opportunity there, right?!?