Monday, June 4, 2012


There is a new member of the Richards family as a few weeks ago- Minnie the Kitty. I had no intention of getting a cat, but she is officially ours. We found Minnie underneath our porch. She was out there for about 2 days and was cold, wet, and hungry. Seeing as she was only a few months old, I was worried about her. So I lured her out with a bowl of milk (my first mistake!), and after that she was our best friend. We made and posted signs, called the animal patrol, but no one claimed her. During our 'search' for her family, we all fell in love with her. Despite some serious manhandling from James, she has never hissed, scratched, or bitten any of the kids. Although I am not thrilled with having one more 'dependent' around here, she is a cute cat and the boys love her. So Minnie is here to stay (unless one of you want to claim her! :)

**no animals were harmed in the photography for this blog!

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Dayna said...

James! So funny. I love how she is looking at up at him like, "Well, at least it's a family!"