Thursday, June 7, 2012

Soccer & Cheerleaders

This cute boy started soccer today. He was so excited to get his new uniform and meet his team. I wanted to share a funny conversation I had with him on the way to his first practice:

Me: Are you excited to meet your friends on your team and play soccer?

D: Yeah. Are we going to play a game tonight?

Me: No, I think it is just a practice.

D: Are there going to be cheerleaders there?

Me: Um, I don't think there will be any cheerleaders there (and wondering how he even knows what a cheerleader is). 

D: Good. I think if there were cheerleaders they would start going "Yeah! Go team!" and then we would all look at them instead of the ball and then we would never get any goals. I hope no cheerleaders ever come.

Me: (Amazed as to how much thought he has put into all this 'cheerleader' stuff!). Well, there will not be any cheerleaders there to distract you (laughing!). Just your mom. I will be cheering for you!

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Dayna said...

hahahaha! I laughed OUT LOUD!