Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Pirate Party!

The highlight of our house boat trip was (hands down) the Pirate Party. Since many of you know that James has an obsession with all things pirate, my mom had the brilliant idea of throwing a pirate themed party on the boat. She went all out with food and decorations. And the costumes did NOT disappoint. As you will see, my family members take their pirate party costumes seriously. 

Lizzy made this awesome banner for the special night

This little matey came dressed to impress

The newlyweds were put in charge of games and they were a huge hit. 

Like grandfather like grandson?
The decorations were great!

My dad and my grandma. In my opinion, she was looking a little too pretty that night to be a pirate. She did win prettiest pirate in the costume contest. 

Look at that costume! Amazing.

Luke's attire was killing me. He looked horrible, which is a good thing if you are a pirate. 

Two of my favorite pirates (and I know a lot).

So you were probably wondering where the man of the hour, THE pirate James, was in all these photos- right? Well, this pirate was quite cranky the night of the party. All we could get him to wear was his hat (which he normally wears, so I can hardly call it a costume).

Pirate sisters

The character on the right is my Grandpa (yes- a man!). When he came up after getting dressed, we were all howling with laughter at his getup. He looked like a gypsy woman! These two were such great sports that night and had so much fun. I love them tons.

This is my serious pirate face. Pretty scary- huh?

So after we ate it was game time. The first game was, appropriately, a treasure hunt!

The kiddos combed the beach for buried treasure.

Soon Lizzy, Tommy, & Daniel came across a treasure chest buried on the beach. They were ecstatic! 

Bryson and Luke dug it up

They opened it to find it was full of candy, which had already been snagged once I took this pic.

I told Bryson he looked like Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) that night (a very good looking one). So Mr. Smee, like a good deckhand, carried the treasure back to the ship.

The crew

The next game was pin the eye patch on the pirate.

Last, but definitely not least, was dessert. It was brought up by a very lovely pirate (aka- my mom).

Fruit sorbet inside real fruit- delish.

Afterwards we had a dance party on the top of the boat. The night was a HUGE success. Such an awesome evening with an awesome family! 


A said...

Jen! That sounds like SO much fun. Even your grandparents played. :) I still remember hanging out at your house with your crazy, fun fam. Hope you're well...oh, and where was Andrew?

A said...

oh, just realized he was probably sleeping (like my baby would have been, lol) because it was nighttime! :) haha