Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A very special trip to LA

In June we made a short trip to Los Angeles to attend the sealing of an incredible family. My amazing friend Trish and her husband Brian were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple, along with their 3 beautiful children. It was such a special day! All I can say is that I am so grateful that Bryson and I, my mother and father, my sister and her husband,  and my brother were able to be there.
Outside the LA temple

Have you ever seen a more beautiful photo? Look at this fabulous family!!!!

Three very special little ones- Aspen, Hunter & Landon.

So happy!

Trish even wore her original wedding dress when she came out. She looked beautiful.

Love these girls!

No trip to LA is complete without some pool time. Katy & Justin were great to let us all crash at their place :)


Chris said...

What a beautiful thing, guys! If it was the third week in June, I wonder if my mom was helping. That's her temple week! I love the picture of them in white together. Such a great thing.

Trish George said...

yay!! you updated your blog!! Thanks for coming to the Sealing. Love you Jen!