Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deep Creek cousin trip

Every year we spend 2 or 3 weeks in Maryland on a lake called Deep Creek with all of Bryson's family. This year we made a special 'girls' trip there with just Shannon, Bryson's cousins Katie & Emily, and myself. Did I mention that there were also 9 kids there with us?! And no husbands.
Despite being terribly outnumbered, the trip was a huge success and lots of fun. 
Some of the week's activities included: 
scavenger hunts
lots and LOTS of smores
ice cream runs on the boat
jet skiing
movie nights
a piñata
and lots of quality cousin bonding

The littlest ones of the crew. These two thought they were one of the big guys on the slide.

Daniel showing off some of his NYC crafts

One of our many campfires 

James fell asleep on the boat almost daily

And after staying up late with cousins, Daniel fell asleep a few times too

Cute Ali


I brought Andrew in the lake for a swim. He did not love it at first, but soon realized it was not so bad.

Shannon and Nathan snoozing

Katie and her daughter Cami

Our last night we had a piñata

Emily and Maggie

The kids spent a LOT of time in the hot tub swimming, laughing, and spraying each other with water


Jordan and Charlie

More crafts! Katie had a Mary Poppins like bag that she pulled out every day full of fun things for the kids to do. All the crafts had a NYC theme, which is appropriate since she and Emily (and her kiddos) live there.

Ice cream!

I am pretty sure this was Andrew's first ice cream cone. He was attacking it and finished every last bite

It was a little hard keeping an on eye on SO many kids, so sometimes we would plop these two into what we called the 'corral'. 

They actually did not mind being in there. Every once in a while James would lift if up and yell "babies OUT!" and we would see these two rug rats scurry away! 

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