Monday, July 23, 2012

Father's Day- another belated post

Father's Day was special this year. It is always special, but I got to spend the day with my father, grandfather, and my husband. We went to church, hung out in the backyard in the pool, and my mom, grandma and I made dinner for all the guys. It was our last day in LV with all the family and I am glad we were able to relax and just enjoy one another and celebrate fathers! Where would be without all of the great fathers in our lives? I pretty much won the lottery when it comes to dads. He is the best- seriously. Now I love watching my husband be the best dad to our children. And I am raising 3 boys whom I hope will be incredible dads someday. Fathers are so wonderful, and I am glad we were able to thank them for all they do.

Daniel and his cousin Tommy looking very dapper for the special day

My parents with all of their grandchildren. 

I don't know how this photo snuck in of these 2 weirdos! haha!

Dad and Daniel

Andrew, my mom, and my grandma cooking in the kitchen

All of us hanging out after a great meal

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