Friday, July 20, 2012

Somebody turned 1

My sweet-ums turned 1 on July 5th. It was a fun day for all of us in the Richards home, especially for little Andrew. We are all obsessed with his cute smile and funny personality. 
It was bittersweet to see him turn 1. His first year has gone by the fastest of the 3, and it seemed to sneak up on me. He thinks he is 1 going on 5, so it is appropriate that he reached this milestone.
Happy Birthday little Andrew!! We all love you.

Daniel and I made cake pops for the party

We forgot napkins (this type of stuff happens with the 3rd child) so Daniel stepped up and made some for his little brother.

Pre-party tickles from dad

This kid LOVES anything sweet. His little face breaks my heart. He can hardly stand the thought that he may not get one of those cake pops!

Mom!! Please just give me the cake pop!


He is in the zone.

His brothers were very eager to help open the gifts.

Meanwhile, Andrew really did not care about the gifts at all. 

I like to write down things about each of my babies on their first birthday, so this is Andrew at 1 years old:
He is a DELIGHTFUL baby. He is always happy. Seriously.
He loves Daniel and James. He really really loves James. He and James are only 19 months apart, so I guess they will always be close (I hope). James likes to make him laugh, but can be pretty rough with him. Daniel adores him, and the feeling is mutual, but D is often doing his own thing seeing as he is a pretty big guy these days.
His dad always makes him smile, and he loves his momma. He loves to give me kisses and hugs, which I never turn down :). He is a cuddle bug. Maybe this is why I don't want him to ever grow up? 
He loves crawling around and exploring his little world. He is often pointing to things and smiling. He can pull himself up on things, but is no where near walking. 
He says mamma, dadda, oooohhh (this is said while he points). He also can mimic us when we say "kitty' and 'turtle'. Turtle is my favorite. It is too cute when he says this.
He is a human vacuum. He can eat all day long and then once he is out of his high chair, he likes to crawl around and find more things to put into his mouth. 
He has 5 teeth. 3 on the top, 2 below. Did I mention that I loved his smile? 

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