Friday, August 10, 2012

Deep Creek #2

We are on week #2 at Deep Creek and are still having a great time. The kids play so hard that they pass out when their heads hit the pillow at night. All of us have been stuffing our faces with tasty homemade dinners and desserts. We water ski in the morning and sit by the campfire at night. The weather has been sunny and warm with a few beautiful electrical storms to break things up. Did I mention I love summer? 
Here are some of the highlights from the past couple of weeks:
Night time boat ride

Bryson wake boarding

Cousin tub time! So there are 4 cousins that were all born within 4 months of one another. Andrew is the youngest (and the only non-walker) but he loves his 3 buddies. One night we gave them all a bath. It was wild! Poor Savannah is the only girl, but she was a great sport to get into the tub with all the jumping and splashing going on. 

Making silly faces inside the playhouse.

The water trampoline is a huge hit. The boys spend a good 2-3 hours playing on it every day. Even Andrew enjoys it!

And it has a launch pad. Jordan and Daniel love to toss one another into the lake. James loves to watch them and laugh.

Every year we have a crab night. In my opinion, eating crabs is a lot of work for very little food. Even though they are so delicious, I get tired of opening them and end up only eating a few. But some of the guys in the family (such as the one pictured above) will eat for hours and finish off 2 dozen each! 
Grilled corn, corn bread, and a sunset view are also part of the delicious meal

The kids were more interested in playing with the crabs than eating them. They opted for mac and cheese that night.

The feast!

I think this must have been one of the crabs the kids were using as a toy. It was probably carefully placed back on the table in hopes that no grown-ups would notice it was gone in the first place.

One morning we talked (well, more like forced) the boys into doing a little water skiing. Here Bryson is helping Jordan get up on skis. I don't have photos, but he got up and had a great ride.

Daniel went next

They are up! Daniel is probably screaming at the top of his lungs. He was not a huge fan.

Of course when James saw Daniel and Jordy ski, he wanted to do it. His feet were too little for the skis, so Bryson just held him in his arms. He actually LOVED it.

Bryson thought it would be a great idea to put James on his shoulders.

James was screaming and kicking his legs. I was sure they were both going to crash (big time) so it was a relief when Bryson gave up on the water circus act and took him off of his shoulders. 

The face of a happy little water skier

Badminton anyone?

Dayna, Vinny and Jayne
the handsome captain

Raise your hands in you are having fun!

We are regulars at the ice cream shop

The boys love cookies and cream ice cream. Daniel asks for sprinkles on top and James prefers gummy bears.

After dinner we love to sit by the campfire and make smores and homemade donuts. Little Nathan is watching all the kids run around while he chows down on marshmallows.

Then Andrew joined him on top of the table to have snack.

These two loved the marshmallows. 
James is about to spear his mouth with the roaster!

Just kidding! He thought he was being hysterical by 'almost' biting into the spike.

Danny boy has become quite the talented smore maker.  

 Throwing rocks into the lake. Why is it that boys cannot get enough of this?

Jordan posing on the shore



Trish George said...

SO adroable! You guys are having TOO much fun! I want to come play! It looks awesome. You look awesome too!

Haley said...

How are you going to come home after all the fun you are having?? You guys look fantastic!! Can't wait to see you. :)

Amanda said...

It looks so dreamy! I want to go to Deep Creek. Your kids seem to be having the time of their lives there. Who knows, they may even come back with a tan :)