Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Richards' Challenge

This year marked the 7th annual Richards' Challenge at Deep Creek Lake. This challenge is a serious event with serious competitors (I am sure some family members are training for 2013's challenge as you are reading this). We even have a special t-shirt made for everyone, and I thought this year's was awesome.
There is no real prize for the winning team other than bragging rights for the whole year (priceless). 

Everyone in the family competes and is involved, but Dayna and Steve are the masterminds behind this challenge. They work to come up with the different contests and this year's events did not disappoint. 

We started off with a team hot dog eating contest. We did not want our athletes to compete on an empty stomach.

The other events where:
A breath holding contest (competitors where Daniel, Jordan, and Jayne)
Team push-up challenge
Long jump
Swim race
Group Trivia

Did I mention that my team won? We took 5 of the 9 events (it was a close one).
We love the challenge and look forward to it every year!

The smallest (but most spirited) members of the teams

Me with my little VIPs. 

I cannot seem to stop kissing this particular member of my team

Daniel brought his A game and was ready to compete

James was more focused on his cars

The next couple of photos have little to do with the challenge, but I cannot get enough of this cute guy

The hot dog challenge

Elyse was a machine

Daniel told me this was his 'challenge' face. Pretty intimidating if you ask me.

My team

Daniel looks like he is going to be sick

James is anxious about the outcome

We are the winners!


Then we had a flag ceremony and sang the national anthem

Next was the volleyball game. These three guys pulled off a win

Watching the volleyball game from the sidelines

Taylor and James celebrating the victory

After that was the hot tub challenge. Daniel was able to hold his breath the longest. Jordan came in a close second.

I did not get pics of the other events (I was competing!), but here is the picture of our winning team. Good work blue!! Can't wait for next year's challenge!

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Trish George said...

CUTE!!! You guys have so much fun! Are you home now? Did you get my text?