Tuesday, September 18, 2012

afternoon at the zoo

Rochester is a pretty great place to live. The city is very family friendly, and all our favorite places are easy to get to, including our local zoo. Since it is possibly our last year here, we decided to get a membership. I have loved taking the kids, and the kids love going. It is a win win situation.

This past trip to the zoo, we met up with some of our favorite friends:

I think Andrew has a crush on Eliza. I mean, what's not to like about this little beauty? He lights up when he sees her - every single time they are together. 

James trying to have some brotherly bonding time on the slide again. Poor Andrew.

Two very good buddies.

Ethan is so cute. He asked me to take this photo, and I am so glad I did because he looks adorable.

Look at these faces!

Fascinated by the tiger.

This kid never tired of the seals swimming by. He made this face every time.

Digging for 'dinosaur bones'.

This baboon obviously really liked James.

And no good zoo trip is complete without super hero ice cream bars. 


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