Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Cakes

The little guy below is quickly approaching 15 months. It is crazy. This year has been the fastest year of my life, and I am wondering if time speeds up with each baby.  I can't get enough of this fuzzy blond haired, chubby legged, blue eyed boy. He is still not walking and shows no interest in it. He just likes to be held. Yesterday I was putting together some furniture and was sitting on the ground. He crawled up to me, sat on my lap, and snuggled his head into me and fell asleep! It was wonderful
One of my favorite things he does is 'talk'. He babbles all the time, and none of us can recognize a single word that comes out of his mouth. He does, however, make an amazing howling noise every time he sees the cat (which cracks us up).
He has already figured out that if James takes a toy from his hand, all he has to do is scream bloody murder, and somebody will retrieve it for him. He is starting to realize this tactic also works when you just want something that James has. He is a smart cookie.
Despite liking to be held, he is mr. independent. This kid is happy as a clam crawling around the house, up and down the stairs, all by himself. He loves to explore and do his own thing (for LONG periods of time). This is definitely a character trait of a 3rd child.
Well, I just wanted to share a few of his recent photos:
Picking (well, mostly eating) raspberries.

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Trish George said...

He is so cute. I just love him. I hope he marries Aspen.