Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dirty Girl Mud Run

A few months ago Bryson sent me a link for this all girls mud run. It was called 'Dirty Girl'. It took place at a ski resort near Buffalo, NY and it looked awesome. 
I sent out a few e-mails to see if anyone in my church was interested in doing this with me, and there was an overwhelming response (we have a pretty cool ward).
Well, last Saturday was the big and very muddy day. Our team had matching t-shirts, black pants and even sported pink lip-stick. We were looking good. 
There were girls who came to watch with babies in tow and even one prego mom (due in just a few weeks) who was so kind to take photos of the team. 
We all carpooled, which was half the fun, and arrived at the run an hour or so before to check in. There were TONS of other teams of women with funny costumes. Some were in prom dresses, some in tutus and some in things that would make this post R-rated if I described them. It was a little bit crazy.

Mis Amigas that were in my car (minus Rachel, who we picked up on our way out of town).

The team (Dirty Birdies) all together after checking in

The start of the race

Everyone putting on matching pink lip stick before the race.

Soon it was our team's turn to go. The first part of the race was to run strait up the ski hill. Luckily, this 'race' was not really a race at all. It was more of a walk through LOTS of mud that we did with a big group of friends. 
And there were lots of obstacles on the way. Pools full of mud, bounce houses (covered in mud), ropes courses (with mud). I am sure you are seeing a theme here. It was muddy.

My camera had a water-proof case on it (since it was so dirty and pouring rain). As you will see, the further along we got, the blurrier the photos got. This is because the camera case was covered in mud, and I had nothing clean to wipe it off.

Mud-stache (haha)

 The end of the course. 

 We made it! And are so disgusting. There was not a single square inch of my body (except for maybe my face) that was not covered in mud. And maybe the craziest part of the whole thing was trying to clean ourselves off in the 'showers'. This was a make shift tent with a bunch of hoses. It was interesting, to say the least.
The whole time I was going through mud puddles and pools, I kept thinking about how much my boys would have LOVED to do this. I felt so guilty that I thought about not showing them the photos. But I did, and they thought it was pretty cool.
It was a great day. To top it off, we all went and got Mexican food to celebrate our crazy adventure. 
The Dirty Birdies rocked it!

And this day (and all the recent Saturdays that I have had sans kids) would not have been possible without Bryson. Thanks babe. You are great.

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Trish George said...

That looks like SO much fun! I'm totally looking up one in my area. You must have a really fun ward.