Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of August

Summer is winding down and I have realized that this is one of our last weeks of 'freedom' to do whatever we want in the morning before school starts. We have tried to get out and enjoy some of the final warm days here in Rochester before fall and winter come.
We went berry picking with some friends and the raspberries were amazing. We have been enjoying them all week. I also took the boys on a bike ride down the Erie Canal. That was not so successful. Daniel slid down a rocky path and cut his whole arm up. James went down the same path seconds after him and drove his bike into the bushes. Both boys were in tears! We made it home alright, but Daniel cried most of the way. Like his mother, he can be a bit dramatic. Luckily, he is also quick to forget, and asked me that night if we could take another ride on the canal. 

We have been busy getting Daniel ready for school. His teacher seems very nice, and her classroom was extremely organized, colorful, and filled with books and toys. While in this wonderful classroom, James decided to rip the pages out of one of her books as we were looking around. Daniel quickly ran up to her to tell her what had happened while I followed after him with Andrew and James in my arms (James was pouting and angry after being reprimanded). I should have gotten a sitter! 

The highlight of the 'meet the teacher' morning was a mock bus ride around the block. We rode with our friends the Nilssons and Gavin and Daniel giggled the whole way. James and Andrew loved it. I have a feeling James is going to want to get on the bus every morning with Daniel after that!

Now that it is the end of summer, my garden has **finally**started to grow. It is a very small garden, but the boys have had fun picking things.
The most successful plant in the garden was the basil. We have tons! Luckily I love pesto, so none has gone to waste.

I have never made pesto before, but it was so simple the boys could do most of it themselves.

Some basil, Parmesan, pine nuts, salt, and olive oil and voila- pesto!

This kid sat in his high chair and watched the cooks at work

Then he clapped for us! Such a sweetie.

Another new hobby around here (other than pesto making) is paper airplane making. We downloaded an App for creating them, and we have made some serious planes! I make them, then boys color and throw them. They never seem to tire of it. There is some squabbling between them as to who gets to throw what plane, which I tire of VERY quickly. Despite a little arguing, it is a fun project to do together.

Obviously, plane making is quite serious

The different plane options. Daniel picked the shuttle while James like the Concorde.

The fleet

Again, little Andrew sat in his high chair and watched all the airplane fun while eating his oatmeal for breakfast. He seems fine (for now) with his role as a spectator.

Daniel has been asking to make smoothies quite a bit since we have tons of fruit in the house right now. He carefully chooses all the ingredients and then enjoys hitting the 'blend' button. He usually only takes a few sips of the stuff, which leaves the rest for Bryson and myself (I am not complaining). 

Some of the wonderful berries we picked at Chase Farms.

And I know this is so boring to post, but look at our tomatoes. Planted in early June and JUST now growing. I guess better late than never.
And Minnie is making another appearance on the blog. The little stray kitten who we took in is big now. She is Andrew's favorite member of the family. He makes this funny noise that sounds like "KISH" and crawls around the house after her. And she seems to kind of like  him too.

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Melanie said...

We have loved having so much fruit in our house, we will miss it this winter! Both of my kids are smoothie hogs. I make an entire blender full and most of the time there isn't enough for me to have one!! Thank goodness for Costco and frozen fruit in the winter!!
Looks like you guys have had a fun summer! Wish we could see you!