Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

This was a Labor Day weekend that I will never forgot. Bryson (and this was HIS idea) took the kids to Deep Creek Lake and I was...wait for the drumroll...home ALONE!!!

I hope my utter excitement does not make me sound like a terrible mother, but this was a very special treat. Here are a few things I learned about, well, my life this weekend:

1) It is incredible what you can accomplish when children are not around. It has been over 5 years since I have been alone in my house for an entire day without kids, and I was flabbergasted by all that I did in a day. It makes me wonder why I was not able to master 2 or 3 languages, train for multiple marathons, perfect my cooking skills, and volunteer at every organization around town before I had children. Now I did have a full time job (even 2 jobs at times) pre-babies, but still, what in the world did I do with all my free time?!

2) Your home, car, and yard stay very very clean when children are not around. You clean something, and it STAYS clean. Amazing.

3) It is so quiet in my house. Like, hear a pin drop quiet. I did not realize the  noise that is being made in my house all day long until it was not longer there. Maybe the 'quiet game' will need to be a new activity played around here more often.

4) I don't like to admit this, but I realized that I am somewhat of a control freak. I had a near anxiety attack about James drowning in the lake the first night I was alone. After this near attack, I laid in bed (for at least and hour) and thought about all the horrible things that could happen to the kids at the lake while I was not watching them. This led me to write a 2 page email of precautions to Bryson at 3 AM. Some of the more OCD items on the list were "follow Andrew around the house closely, and make sure to check his mouth often for items that can cause him to choke" and "make sure to get up and check on James randomly in the middle of the night to see if he has walked out of the room and is down on the dock". Every time Bryson and I talked on the phone, I had to control myself from asking very nit picky things about the kids and then follow up with a list of 'what to do and not do with them'. I wanted to ask what they had been eating, doing, wearing, then grill Bryson to see if he had left any of them alone for any portion of the day, and if so, who was watching them. I just had a really hard time letting Bryson take control. Yet every time we spoke, the kids were being watched, fed, and happy (really happy). So maybe I just need to relax a little.

5) I really don't eat out very often and this is a good thing. With little children and a husband who is not often home for dinner, my diet consists of mostly pasta, pancakes, tortillas, broccoli, green beans, beans, cheese, chicken, potatoes, fruit, eggs, and salads. These seem to be the magic foods that my kids will always eat, are easy to make, and I like too (and pretty healthy). After eating out a couple of times this weekend, I felt a little bit like a glutton. Maybe this feeling comes from the fact that these meals consisted of homemade guacamole, Thai lettuce wraps, cheesecake, toasted croissants with Gruyere, tomato soup with cream and artichokes, and banana fosters cake. I repeat myself, it is for the best that I don't eat out much.

6) Even though I would eat gourmet meals, my house would be clean and organized, there would be a lot less screaming, and I would have an exponential amount of time to myself, my life would be VERY lame without my three little boys. Bryson and the boys are my whole world, and I am so grateful for that. I could still use a few more days to get some of the things I wanted to get done while they were away, but I am so excited to see them tonight and really do miss them so much.


Dayna said...

What a treat!!! Loved reading this. Glad they had a good time at the lake and you were able to relish in a few days alone. Sounds like a dream. And, your kids eat salad? How did you manage that? My kids are the very worst eaters.....

Sara said...

I'm the same way! Jon and Kate go on bike rides and I'm anxious the entire time they are gone. I imagine the worst case scenario. I need to relax! Your family is too cute!