Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I turned 29...again

I cried 3 times on my birthday. They were all tears of happiness, nevertheless, it was an emotional day. When you are a kid, birthdays are all about gifts, friends, cake, parties, and maybe a pinata. Things are different when you are an adult. Dear family and friends (some of whom you don't talk to often) call and text you randomly throughout the day (my sister even called me twice). They ask about your day, your life, and tell you how much they love and miss you.
I cried on the phone with my sister-in-law while we were talking about her new baby (this may not have been birthday related. Something about newborns gets me choked up). I then cried, actually bawled, when an old college roommate randomly sent me a large bouquet of my favorite flowers. I was so incredibly touched. The third time was when my mom started sending me texts filled with pictures of me as a baby and sweet messages about how she loves me. 
Bryson flew in the door that night after a crazy day of surgeries. He had dinner, cards, and a gift in his hands. What a great guy. A very wonderful friend offered to watch my boys so we could go out, but after Bryson's long day and the craziness of getting the kids to bed late, we opted to stay home and rest. 
Like I said, I was touched and emotional pretty much the whole day. Friends and family are the best. Really, what else is there in this life? And what more could you want on your 31st, I mean 29th birthday?

Blowing out my candle with Daniel and James.

And I had to post another one with baby cakes in the back. He made this face when Bryson said "cheese".

Eating this poor kid's cheeks. 

My scrumptious b-day dessert.
And I love these cards. They never get old.


Sean and Jeannette said...

Jen! I'm so glad you had a great birthday! Thanks for letting us (finally!) do something for you. :)

Trish George said...

You are so great Jen! I'm glad your 3rd anniversary of your 29th birthday was so special.