Monday, September 10, 2012


James started preschool today. There are not a lot of changes for him this year. He is at the same school with the same teachers as last year. The only change is that he goes 2 days a week instead of 1. 
James has been dying to start school ever since Daniel started. He asks to get on the bus every morning it stops to pick up Daniel.
Well, this morning was his turn to go to school. We talked about it last night before he went to bed, and it was the first thing he mentioned when he woke up. He seemed so excited.
James ready for his big day
In front of the school with his best bud Eliza

We told James and Eliza to hug. She was so cute and ran over to give him one. Being a stinker, he made this face and stood there.

Hanging up his backpack outside the classroom
We walked into the school today and he took one look at the teacher and started bawling!
For the next few minutes I heard "mamma- no go!" and "I wanna go home!". His teachers were so cute and were trying their best to excite him about his special first day. They talked about the frog scavenger hunt they were going to have, the snack they were going to eat, and all the toys he was going to get to play with that morning. Nothing sounded good to him.
Then one of his teachers, remembering his love for puzzles, invited him to come look at all the new puzzles they had this year. Soon he was happy and very focused. 

His cute classroom and some of his classmates

When I came to pick him up, his teachers said he had a great day!

Yeah for preschool, good teachers, and puzzles.

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