Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween part I

Ok...just a warning for anyone who reads my blog. You are going to see a TON of photos of my kids in their costumes this year. It seems like Halloween is now a 2 week long holiday. So far we have had the Trunk or Treat and the Zoo Boo. Next week we have costume day at school and Halloween. And for some reason I feel the need to take 100 photos of each event (even though they are wearing the same costumes).

Our Halloween season started off with the Trunk or Treat at the church:

Look at those super hero moves!

I know you would want these two around if there was trouble.

The cake walk

Yesterday it was 73 degrees, which is a very abnormal and amazing temperature for this time of year. We spent the whole day outside in shorts and sandals. It was Wonderful.

The kids at Tinker Park Nature Center with some friends

I am loving that this kid is starting to smile for the camera. It will be nice to finally have some photos of his face.

It looks like winter, but it was so warm outside.

Today we went to Zoo Boo at Seneca Park Zoo. The kids were able to trick or treat, and they had special animal shows throughout the day.

The super hero moves are back!

This one was my favorite! Haha.

Beautiful Fall

James just couldn't get close enough to the Boa Constrictors. 

And it ended, as most of our zoo trips do, with some sort of messy and sugary treat. 
Andrew's favorite part of the day was the gift shop. 


Stephanie Bigler's Blog said...

they are soo cute! loving all the super hero moves.

Stephanie Bigler's Blog said...

they are soo cute! loving all the super hero moves!