Tuesday, October 23, 2012

THE accident

We have been so fortunate to have lots family stay with us recently, and I have tons of photos to blog about their visits, but this story needed to be posted so that we (well, Daniel) can remember this crazy story. 
Daniel had the day off from school (Yom Kippur), and we were getting ready to head to the Museum of Play for a morning of fun. Daniel ran upstairs to get dressed while I was on the couch downstairs getting the baby ready for the day. The next thing I heard was "Mom, look at me! Look at me mom!" I looked up to see Daniel balancing his stomach on the railing of our staircase. He was leaning over the railing (wearing a Batman shirt with an attached cape from Gap) and was pretending to fly. He was not quite at the top, but about 2 stairs from the top. I remember that I started to tell him to get down, but before these words could come out of my mouth I watch him fall face forward over the railing. His face hit the wood that sticks out from the stairs (about 4 feet down from the top of the railing) and then he flipped over and landed on his side on our wood floor. In total, he fell about 16 feet.
I was in utter shock and did not move, just watched him. He was silent for a second (but conscious) and then started to scream and wiggle around. I start yelling "Daniel! Oh my gosh! Daniel!". I went over to him, and picked him up, and carried him to the couch.
It was then that I realized that A) he was moving and was not paralyzed, and B) I probably needed to take him to the hospital ASAP. His head was swelling up fast, and he was panicking. I called Bryson to tell him that we were headed to the ER and got Daniel and Andrew into the car.
This story is already pretty long, but to condense the remainder of it, he got a CAT scan at the hospital, and we are told how very fortunate we were that he did not break his skull, neck, or any other bones. I had been pretty calm and collective until this point. It was then I realized that Daniel had been protected that morning. It dawned on me how very blessed we were to be sitting with a little boy who fell almost 2 full stories onto hard wood, and all he had to show was a very bruised head. I started to cry and felt immense feelings of gratitude and relief. It was a humbling moment that I will never forget.
Almost a month later, his face is still a little bruised but he is perfectly fine. Here are some photos from that very chaotic morning:

Such a cute smile for a boy in the ER.
The CAT scan 

The infamous Batman shirt with cape. 

The next couple of days his face started to look worse and worse. 

He made this face not because he was in pain, but because he had to take another photo.

I had people giving me the weirdest looks everywhere we went (you can only imagine what they were thinking). A couple of people asked why he was already dressed up for Halloween! We are so happy he is ok. What a crazy day.


Melanie said...

I am so glad he is okay!! How scary!! boys...why do they think they can fly? i am so not looking forward to Truman getting older!! We ay need to pad our health insurance!

Ang said...

Oh my! I am so glad that everything is okay! Pretty blessed that everything turned out alright...I guess he is a little super hero!

Kathy said...

Jen! I seriously got tears eyed reading this, how scarey! I am so happy everything turned out ok and that he was basically fine. His poor little face!

Sara said...

oh man! so glad he's fine. i can't imagine what you were thinking when you saw him fall. we've been to the ER a few times already with our crazy 3 year old- it is the absolute worst.

Laura said...

well...good thing you had a miracle story cause it kinda looks like you beat him!! just kidding. poor kid. i'm so glad he's ok! maybe you'll have to explain that not all superheros can fly!

stace said...

how scary! So happy he was being watched over. Sometimes it is amazing that any child makes it to adulthood! Hugs.