Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The LA cousins come to Rochester

My sister Katy and her two adorable kids live in Los Angeles, so we definitely do not get to see them as much as we would like to. That is why when they come out, it is such a huge treat.
This year they stayed for almost a week, and we filled those 6 days with tons of fun activities.  

We too the kids to the zoo, one of our favorite spots in Rochester.

Daniel (with his black eyes) is pretending to be an elephant.

The next day we went to Brown's Berry Patch. I think it is the best farm in Rochester for berry/apple picking and they have great activities for kids.

James followed Tommy around the whole time we were picking. He kept asking him, "Tommy, are they fresh?" in reference to the berries. He asked this before picking each berry. I guess he figured Tommy was some sort of a berry connoisseur?

And no trip to Rochester is complete without a trip to the Museum of Play.

Sunday morning was General Conference for our church. We all made it a priority to stay in our pajamas as long as we could, eat lots of good food, and watch the talks.

The kids loved the conference bingo with M & Ms. 

Next place on the list was Stokkoe Farms. The kids all wanted to wear their 'cowboy' shirts that day. Here the kids are doing a little pre-farm Legos.

And we are all thankful to have made it out of the corn maze alive. It was quite a maze!

Look at these adorable kids!

James in deep thought on the hay ride.

All the cousins on my side of the family. Love these kiddos.

Andrew loved his sweet cousin Lizzy. She was so adorable with him.

Like I said, it was such a treat to have Katy, Tommy, and Lizzy here. We hope they come out again soon!!


Anna said...

Hi! I got your comment on my blog. I'm sorry to say that I'm better at blogging than I am at keeping up with other people's. Your boys are gorgeous. We miss New York and you guys, as well!

Stephanie Bigler's Blog said...

I didn't want the pictures to end!!! I am obsessed with the one of all the I might replace my wedding picture and set it as my desktop. Looks like you guys did a ton of fun stuff as always!!! I guess it's my turn to come out now!!!! ;)