Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The boys' first soccer games

Fall has been so beautiful here. I have been trying to take the boys out on walks in the morning. They love it, and I feel like we have to get out enjoy this amazing weather as soon it will be very cold here (and I will be inside taking care of a new baby).

I am getting huge! 37 weeks and counting. I can't believe our little girl could come anytime now. 

I found the boys in Andrew's bed the other day. It was so cute! They definitely have their moments when they fight, but for the most part they love each other so much.

We went to Patterson's farm last week with some friends from our ward. It was adorable- hay rides, slides, apple picking, tractors, and homemade donuts. Not to mention 70 degrees and sunny.

Danny took these pictures of me. Bryson and I were going out on a date, and I actually was actually wearing a somewhat normal outfit (one of the few that I still fit in at this point in my pregnancy) so I had him snap a pic for me. 

We went to a place called Melt with some friends. It is a famous restaurant here in Cleveland, known for its decadent grilled cheese sandwiches. 
I made a horrible/fantastic choice by ordering the monte cristo. It was absolutely delicious, but I felt so sick the entire night!

The next day the boys had soccer. Bryson is James's coach, and it is so cute to see him out on the field with all those 3 and 4 year olds. 

Andrew loves watching his older brothers (and eating their snacks on the sideline).

Danny asked to be the 'assistant coach'. 

James LOVED soccer, which came at a huge relief. Bryson and I thought he may not want to participate, but he was kicking the ball all over the place during the game. He managed to score a goal for the other team, but did not seem to mind. To him a goal was a goal and he was really proud of himself. 

Danny also had his first real soccer game. He played offense and goalie the second half. He loved it and was so proud that his team won 6-0. He even had an assist for one of the goals!

And Andrew loved sitting on the sidelines with Danny (and finishing off his water bottle).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Some September Happenings

Our year in Ohio is already flying by. We love the town where we live and have enrolled the boys in soccer, football, and Danny starts basketball in a few weeks. 
I am only 4 weeks from my due date! (which probably means I have another 5 weeks to go). I feel grateful that I feel really good and still have a little bit of energy. Bryson and I have been working on the nursery which will be in the same room that he has his 'office'. He takes his plastic surgery boards in 3 weeks and has been studying quite a bit. 
Did I mention that I love fellowship? Bryson is home all weekend, and his hours are SO much better. I finally have my husband back, and it is so wonderful! 
But back to the baby- 4 weeks! I don't have a name, and like I said, we are still working on the nursery. Why are girls' names so hard? I find myself almost wishing I could name another boy (since I had a boy named picked out), but am SO thrilled that we are having a GIRL!!

Danny started soccer this week. He LOVES it. James loves watching and starts soccer himself next week. Bryson gets to be his coach, which I know he will love. 

 We went and got passport photos of the boys yesterday. They were so excited about getting their pictures taken. Why are they not always this excited about photos? 

 Yesterday our community held a 'Haulin Honkin Trucks' day where the boys could climb inside all sorts of large trucks (which is their dream!). They also got to paint, received prizes, cookies, and punch. Danny described it as the "best day ever". I was pretty fun.

Danny is one of the first kids picked up on the bus in the morning, so he is on there for a good 30 minutes before he arrives at school. To pass the time, he asked for a notebook to draw in. Lately he has been leaving me notes. This one reads "Dear Mommy. I hope your baby is safe. Love Danny." I was pretty touched when I read it. I responded back with a note of my own. I guess we are kind of pen pals now!

One another note, I wanted to write down a few things that the kids have said recently. 
About a month ago, Stephanie brought me a box full of girls clothes that my mom purchased for me (she is such a sweet woman). I was showing the clothes to Danny and James. I asked James what he thought about the new clothes for his new baby and he responded with "What!?? We are having a girl??". I guess this was all news to James despite the fact we have all been talking about it for the past 4 months (and he was at the ultrasound!). 

Bryson got home late on his birthday. The boys were trying so hard to be patient to start his party, but around 6:45 they were all complaining about being hungry, so we decided to start eating without him. James asked to say the prayer, and in it he blessed that Daddy would get home safely and get home soon for his party. He mentioned a few other things and then said "Amen".
He then looked at me with a confused/annoyed expression and asked "Does Daddy even know its his birthday?!". Danny and I started laughing! 

One afternoon while Andrew was taking nap, I took James and Danny to the library while Bryson studied at home. That night at dinner, James was saying the prayer (as he often requests to do) and he mentioned he was thankful that he got to go to the library with mommy. Andrew quickly interrupted him and yelled across the table "What? You go to library?!" He was not too happy that he found out by a prayer that he had missed this event!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall is here in Ohio

The boys are back in school here in Ohio and both seem to really enjoy their classes. I was nervous about both of them starting new schools with new friends, but they have adjusted so well!
Danny started first grade. His teacher is adorable and he has 3 friends from his primary class in his school class! He loves PE, music, art, and library, but his favorite is recess. 
James started preschool. It looks like he will not make the cut off (barely) and will have to have yet another year of preschool next year. He has two wonderful teachers and lots of cute little kids in his class. He has art, Spanish, and movement every week along with lots of play time indoors and out.
I was able to go to class with him for 1 hour his first day. He was so cute! All he wanted to do was play with stuffed animals with me. It was a really special day for us.  

This is the face he made when I told him to act 'silly'!

 Danny jumped onto the bus on his first day without any hesitation. He told me the night before that he was just a tiny tiny bit nervous for his first day, but mostly excited. We picked out his outfit (not my first choice, but he looked cute and felt confident in what he was wearing) and got everything else laid out the the night before. 
It was so hard to see him leave on the bus! Last year he left at 8 AM and was home by 11:15 AM. This year he leaves at 8 AM and does not get home until 3:40! Not to mention we have been together 24/7 this entire summer. I felt so uneasy about him being away from me and his home for the majority of the day. Luckily he is loving school and seems incredibly happy.

And Andrew is the same squishy, sweet, and adorable baby boy. He has James at home with him most of the day, but is always sad when we drop him off at preschool. I have loved having some 1 on 1 time with him and 2 days a week James and I are together all afternoon while he naps. 

Bryson and I decided to take a last minute trip to the Columbus temple last weekend. It was 5 hours (round trip) of driving, but well worth it. The boys watched movies in the car and played with church friends at a nearby stake center while we went through a session. We ended the day eating dinner at a restaurant made from an old train. The boys thought it was awesome!

And we have had a lot of birthday celebrations around here this week! Bryson turned 34 on the 16th, and I turned 29 again on the 18th. We each took turns planning the parties and making dinner for one another. Bryson went all out this year with lunch, a steak dinner, homemade cake, perfume and other gifts. I got to spend the whole day with him. It may have been one of my best birthdays yet. 
I made lasagna from scratch and an angel food cake for Bryson. He got home late on his b-day, but we still had a fun party when he arrived home.

Mom and dad sent me some beautiful flowers for my birthday!

And Danny  had school pictures this week. We did a pre-pictures photo shoot at home. He looked adorable!!