Monday, July 15, 2013


Bryson graduated. What has been a very good, but an extremely long 5 year residency is now over. Well, not fully over as Bryson is doing an additional 1 year of training at the Cleveland Clinic, but the worst is behind us!
Rochester has been wonderful to us. We have fallen in love with the city, the people, and I even have taken a liking to the abundance of beautiful white winter snow. 
It was so hard to leave behind our home and friends. I loved our home and it did feel like home. I moved there with a baby and brought home two others. We spent holidays, birthdays, and held parties in that home. It is where all 3 of my boys took their first steps. 
Leaving friends was also very difficult. I would occasional tear up while driving or sitting in my bed when I thought about not being able to see certain people on a day to day basis. That entire part of my life, my life with them, would be over. Our relationships would become long distance and those are never anywhere near as gratifying or close. 
But we are moving on to new things. A life where (hopefully) Bryson is home more and we can someday live closer to our families, and these things make me very happy and excited. 

I will say that I have left Rochester better as a result of the experiences I had there and the people whom I was blessed to know. 

The graduation was held at an old country club downtown Rochester. My parents and Bryson's parents came out for the graduation (which was so wonderful!). It was a perfect summer night and everyone in his program had wonderful things to say about his skills as a surgeon and his character as a person. I enjoyed getting dressed up and cheering Bryson on throughout the night. He was also given an award for being having done the best research over the entire year (and awarded $1000 dollars!). 

I am so proud of Bryson. These past 5 years have not been easy. He has sacrificed so much time, sleep, energy, time with family and friends to complete this training. And it was not glamorous. There was a lot of grunt and low level work (especially at the beginning) but Bryson really never complained. He worked hard and has always been so enthusiastic about his profession. 

Bryson's entire Plastic Surgery program

I am with the other 2 pregnant wives.

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Sean and Jeannette said...

Jen! These are such great pictures of you and Bryson, and your parents! What a HUGE accomplishment. I am so grateful to have walked the line with you these past three years; that when our husbands lives got so incredibly busy, we had each other! You are so wonderful, and I love you so much!