Monday, July 15, 2013

I have missed my blog!

Do you know what happens when you get pregnant and have to move all in a matter of a few months? Well, for me it meant a sudden halt to blogging. I was so sick for quite a few months. Much more than I had been with my previous pregnancies. I knew it meant one thing- A GIRL! And I was correct. We are all so excited for this new addition to our family :)
Instead of trying to catch up, I am going to start from our current events and work backwards. Who knows if I will ever fully catch up, but hopefully I will!

Andrew turned 2 last week. So bittersweet. He has been my easiest, most mellow baby. He could stay a baby forever, and I would be just fine with that! He was so cute on his special day and seemed somewhat oblivious to party that was in his honor. I think the older boys enjoyed the festivities even more than he did, but I know he still had a great day.

He loves Nemo, so we had that as our theme for his 2 year old celebration. And since we are very new to Cleveland, our party guests consisted of only family members (which was great!). 

The Cake

Birthday kisses from his adoring brothers :)

Opening his new Nemo toys

Did I mention this kid loves to give kisses? He is so scrumptious!

Despite appearances, James had a great time at the party too. 

It was a fun party! We love you Andrew! 

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Sean and Jeannette said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the cutest 2 year old around! We love you baby Andrew!