Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NY to OH

This is kind of a random post, but here are a few photos of our last days in NY and our first days in OH. Our move was quite eventful (to say the least). We packed a 26' truck and realized that we still had a TON more stuff to pack. Bryson then went down and rented an additional 14' truck (that we filled to the brim). Our buyers threatened at both the walk through and then the day of signing to 'back out' as they wanted more cash to fix small nail holes and a loose door handle in the basement. It was ludicrous. The day we packed up in NY, it was around 90 degrees. I had been up since 6 AM packing and cleaning (at 7 months pregnant) and the walk through was at 7 PM. It lasted for 3 hours as our buyers checked every light socket, light bulb, and inch of wall for any blemishes or malfunctions. They finally realized that their unreasonable demands were not going to pan out and gave up. We pulled out of 33 Brittany Circle around 11 PM with three screaming kids, 2 Uhaul trucks, Bryson, myself, Taylor and my mom. It was one of the longest days of my life. 
We checked into a hotel around 1 and all slept in late. The next day we arrived at our new home! The kids and I were so excited since we had only seen photos of the property. Bryson was the one who drove to Cleveland to sign the papers. 
Just as Bryson and Taylor pulled up with the trucks, and the movers arrived, it started to downpour. It rained for quite a while. Then the movers got to work. 
Thanks to Taylor and my mom, we were able to get unpacked and settled within a matter of days. 
Cleveland has been a great place to live so far. We miss our friends and favorite places in NY, but have found a lot of great things to do and have met wonderful people. 

2 days before we moved we went to StoneyBrook State Park, one of our favorite places in upstate NY

The Sunday before we moved, our closets friends held a dessert night at the Vaisey's house. It was so hard to say goodbye to these beautiful girls!

After a few days of unpacking, we decided we had to get out. Our first outing in OH was to visit the Kirtland Temple. 

Bryson joined a gym with an enourmous climbing wall. Danny was in heaven!

Our town of Beachwood has an incredible park and aquatic center that we have spent most of our time at since the move

The Beachwood mall had a free Lego night and we met up with some new friends to check it out. 

The boys at the much loved aquatic center with Ethan Harmer

And they love our new backyard. Perfect for soccer practices

Our ward had a BBQ at Horseshoe Park in Shaker Heights for the 4th of July

And the next day this chubby turned 2

Danny got to attend a week a the Beachwood City Day Camps. He loved it! Arts and Crafts, swimming, and field trips. He had such a great week.

And I am getting more and more pregnant! Im about 26 weeks here and feeling really good. 

And we moved down the street from our new fast food favorite- Chick Fil A

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Luke and Tiffany Bigler said...

Oh Jen!! This post was amazing... I know your move was a real challenge, but like everything else, you overcame all obstacles and turned it into a truly wonderful experience. The kids look so happy! I miss all of them... and YOU! Luke and I are thinking of you often! We love you so much!! :)