Monday, September 23, 2013

Some September Happenings

Our year in Ohio is already flying by. We love the town where we live and have enrolled the boys in soccer, football, and Danny starts basketball in a few weeks. 
I am only 4 weeks from my due date! (which probably means I have another 5 weeks to go). I feel grateful that I feel really good and still have a little bit of energy. Bryson and I have been working on the nursery which will be in the same room that he has his 'office'. He takes his plastic surgery boards in 3 weeks and has been studying quite a bit. 
Did I mention that I love fellowship? Bryson is home all weekend, and his hours are SO much better. I finally have my husband back, and it is so wonderful! 
But back to the baby- 4 weeks! I don't have a name, and like I said, we are still working on the nursery. Why are girls' names so hard? I find myself almost wishing I could name another boy (since I had a boy named picked out), but am SO thrilled that we are having a GIRL!!

Danny started soccer this week. He LOVES it. James loves watching and starts soccer himself next week. Bryson gets to be his coach, which I know he will love. 

 We went and got passport photos of the boys yesterday. They were so excited about getting their pictures taken. Why are they not always this excited about photos? 

 Yesterday our community held a 'Haulin Honkin Trucks' day where the boys could climb inside all sorts of large trucks (which is their dream!). They also got to paint, received prizes, cookies, and punch. Danny described it as the "best day ever". I was pretty fun.

Danny is one of the first kids picked up on the bus in the morning, so he is on there for a good 30 minutes before he arrives at school. To pass the time, he asked for a notebook to draw in. Lately he has been leaving me notes. This one reads "Dear Mommy. I hope your baby is safe. Love Danny." I was pretty touched when I read it. I responded back with a note of my own. I guess we are kind of pen pals now!

One another note, I wanted to write down a few things that the kids have said recently. 
About a month ago, Stephanie brought me a box full of girls clothes that my mom purchased for me (she is such a sweet woman). I was showing the clothes to Danny and James. I asked James what he thought about the new clothes for his new baby and he responded with "What!?? We are having a girl??". I guess this was all news to James despite the fact we have all been talking about it for the past 4 months (and he was at the ultrasound!). 

Bryson got home late on his birthday. The boys were trying so hard to be patient to start his party, but around 6:45 they were all complaining about being hungry, so we decided to start eating without him. James asked to say the prayer, and in it he blessed that Daddy would get home safely and get home soon for his party. He mentioned a few other things and then said "Amen".
He then looked at me with a confused/annoyed expression and asked "Does Daddy even know its his birthday?!". Danny and I started laughing! 

One afternoon while Andrew was taking nap, I took James and Danny to the library while Bryson studied at home. That night at dinner, James was saying the prayer (as he often requests to do) and he mentioned he was thankful that he got to go to the library with mommy. Andrew quickly interrupted him and yelled across the table "What? You go to library?!" He was not too happy that he found out by a prayer that he had missed this event!


Sean and Jeannette said...

HAHAHAHA!! All of these stories totally made me laugh! I can just see it all so clearly! I'm so glad James finally knows he will have a sister! Can you imagine what he would have said at the hospital? Love that boy! I can't believe you're SOOOO close!

Luke and Tiffany Bigler said...

Oh my goodness!! Little Andrew's comment about not getting to go to the library was soo adorable!! :)