Friday, March 14, 2014

James Turns 4

James is probably my most complicated child, but when it comes to birthdays, he is quite simple and very predictable. This is the 3rd year in a row that he requested a Disney 'Cars' birthday and wanted pretty much the same games and food as he has wanted in past years. I knew that the baby was coming soon, so I wanted try to make it as special as I could (despite lack of energy being almost my due date).
He invited all the boys in his preschool class and a few other kids from church. You never know how James is going to respond to a situation, but he was so excited for his big day and was all smiles.

Everyone received lamented racing tags with their names on it.  

 We made personalized door handle hangers as a craft. A lot of the boys were not that interested in this, but not my James, he spent half the party working on his!
 I love sweet James's picture in this. He is sitting next to Will Rond in the stripes, the other side of him is John Chase and his little sister, then Eliza Miner, Mia Nielsen, James Call, and Lincoln Goldstein. 
 It was such a gorgeous fall day, so we ate the cupcakes and opened gifts outside. 

 He is so excited here! Love this. 

A couple nights later, my flew out for James actual birthday (October 15th). We had a family party and he was (of course) so excited to open more gifts and have so much family around him. 

What a sweet boy! 

This is all about James at age 4:
he can write his name
count to 20
do 50 piece puzzles all by himself
ride a bike with training wheels
loves math work books 
learning to swim
loves sponge bob
loves back scratches at night
sleeps with his blanket
loves preschool
very interested in animals
loves to color


Trish George said...

Yay for an update!!! Cute James! Happy birthday!

Shannon said...

so happy to finally see an update!! Great pics! You're such a fantastic mama!