Thursday, February 19, 2015

First January in Vegas

I have to admit that I have missed the snow this year, which seems strange. there is something about just laying low for a few months inside and watching the beauty of a winter wonderland outside that is so relaxing and peaceful. Despite my longing for snow, we have really enjoyed being outside so much. It's amazing that my kids are still wearing shorts and we go to the park pretty much daily!

Emily is really changing. She is turning into quite the little busybody as she walks around the house waving and carrying her purse. She has such a fun personality and makes the cutest faces. It's like I turned around and she was a toddler! 
Danny started violin and is enjoying it. My hope is that he sticks with it! He had a 'great to be eight' fireside and is preparing for baptism. I'm so excited that he is choosing to be baptized this year. 
My dad and mom took us to an unlv game this past weekend. The boys loved it and Danny was so excited to get his ball signed by the coaches and players. 
All the boys are really into athletic socks! How cute are they??!!

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