Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mornings with James

Wednesday mornings I have James all to myself. It's really nice to have that one on one time. This morning he asked when I was going to go back to school. I said I was probably done with school. Then he asked what I was going to do when all the kids left the house (good question! Right now I can think of a million things! Haha). I said I would continue to be a mom to all my kids. I would help him when he leaves for school, a mission, help him and his wife when he gets married and their kids. Then he asked this:
James: but how will I find a girl?
Me: You are so smart, handsome, and sweet- someone will find a very special girl that will love you so much. 
James: but where will I meet here when she will be in her car all day (thinking about my life here!).
Me: you will meet her at school, work, church, with friends. There will be lots of chances to meet a girl. But you will be much older James. 
James: how will I know her? 
Me: you will spend time with her doing fun things. Daddy and I went skiing together, went out to eat, watched movies, went running, and spent time with friends. 
Then James asked how Bryson and I met. It was such a simple but wonderful conversation. I found it so funny that someone who really shows a dislike for girls his age, was genuinely concerned as to how he was going to meet a special girl someday. Lucky for me, that time is a long ways away and we can stay home, read stories, and have conversations like this. 

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